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Going Blonder & Supernatural Highlights

Halle is the perfect spokesmodel for building lightness over time with supernatural highlights. She first came to me with very long, thick hair that had never been colored. Her natural color (see below) is a chocolate brown that shows natural golden highlights when she's had some time in the sun.

At her next visit she decided that she'd like some longer lasting highlights that still looked natural so we decided on highlift color rather than the traditional bleach route.

She's now gone even lighter -weaving both highlift and bleach- creating a the lovely carmel blonde shown in the first photo. Considering her natural color, Halle is also the perfect example of building lightness over time to create a multidimensional blonde that appears natural on the wearer. She's also a great example of how gracefully these highlights grown out. Take a look at her roots before and after her most recent appointment.

Before her touch up (above).

After her touch up (above).

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