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Parking Recommendations

A quick post to offer suggestions for the best priced and most convenient parking options.

My number one parking lot choice in the area is on Spring Street between 5th and 6th on the right. It is usually $10 flat rate (cash only), occasionally it's $12.

Right across the street is another lot that is $12, this parking lot has a machine that accepts cash or credit/debit cards -this lot is also smaller, if it's full you can drive through the back gate and cross the alley into the lot on Main Street where you will pay an attendant, I believe it's $12 but it may be $15 (cash only).

Sometimes both of these lots will be rented to film crews, in that case my next go-to is the parking lot which is in the basement of the building Hairhaus is in. This lot can be entered from 6th Street on the right just after you cross Broadway, it is $15 cash. Please note: this parking lot closes earlier than the others and closing time varies. If you aren't sure you'll return by the time the lot is closing do not park there.

Street parking: I don't have any recommendations for where you can find easy street/meter parking but please do not take chances on being late returning to your car: if you park at a meter the chances are high you will be ticketed if your meter runs out before you return and, even worse, if you park at a meter that is only usable between certain hours your car will likely be towed promptly at the end time stated on the sign.

I hope these suggestions are helpful in finding reasonable parking options nearby.

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