• Rosie Keszek

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Updated: Jul 11

There are some temporary changes in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review this information and list of guidelines before your next visit.

HOURS: Temporary change to hours of operation. The New Story Building currently requires that all tenants leave the building by 5:00pm. I have also temporarily reduced and staggered my days as a precaution to avoid over exhaustion. Temporary studio hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:00am to 4:30pm, allowing me a 30 minute end of day clean up/disinfection period.

CONTACT ME: In order to avoid putting my hands and phone near my face I will not be answering calls during studio hours. If you need to contact me for any reason (schedule or cancel an appointment, ask for help finding the studio/parking/etc) please text me 310.819.7376. You may also leave a voicemail but please be aware that I will not be checking voicemail or returning calls until the very end of the day. If you need to communicate something that is not time sensitive you may also email me at hairhausla@gmail.com

SERVICES: I have been advised to keep appointments as short as possible to limit exposure. In order to do this I have temporarily removed services which require more than 2 hours to perform (highlights and color correction). If you have previously received highlight services please contact me to discuss your options. On a case by case basis I will schedule partial highlights using the balayage technique which will help keep your color presentable until all services are available again.

I have also temporarily removed a la carte bang trims, create bags, and consultations. These services are unavailable at this time not because of their duration (20 minutes or less) but because I now require a 30 minute cleaning period between clients and I simply cannot sacrifice this much time for a 10 or 20 minute service.

Last note on changes to services: if you are scheduling for more than one service (most commonly: cut and color/roots) I will adjust your second service to remove the additional 30 minute cleaning period. Please expect a notification that your service has been rescheduled, this will not affect the start time of your appointment. Additionally, if you are scheduling two services please expect that blow dry will be excluded in order to minimize the total time of your visit.

For color services please arrive with completely dry hair.


Most importantly: If you are feeling at all ill or having symptoms of any kind (even allergies) on the day of your appointment, please text me at 310.819.7376 to cancel or reschedule. You will not be charged a fee for cancelling or rescheduling due to illness or allergies.

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early to your appointment. Scheduling now includes a 30 minute window between appointments for an extensive cleaning and disinfection regimen to maintain a safe environment for clients and myself.

Wearing a mask is required to enter the building. Masks must remain on throughout your appointment and until you exit the building.

Please do not share an elevator in the building. Management has stated that only those who work in the same office may occupy the same elevator. Please be respectful of this rule and treat elevators as first come, first served.

Please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment, they will not be permitted in the studio.

Please do not bring unnecessary belongings with you.

When you arrive at Hairhaus your temperature will be taken using a touchless thermometer and you will be asked to either wash your hands or use provided hand sanitizer. If your temperature is 100F or higher your appointment will be cancelled.

At this time Hairhaus cannot provide drinking water. If you feel you may need drinking water please bring your own and understand that you will not be able to remove your mask while inside the building.

Touchless payment is preferred at this time through the Venmo app. You may also redeem digital gift cards previously purchased.


I will be wearing a mask, face shield, and gloves for the duration of your appointment.

I will wash or apply hand sanitizer upon your arrival.

The studio door will be kept open to reduce unnecessary surface contact.

Hand sanitizer is provided at entry.

Between clients all surfaces, chairs, tools, floor, etc are cleaned with EPA approved products which effectively kill coronavirus as well as other pathogens.

Windows will be kept open to ensure air circulation. (Apologies in advance for any invading sounds and scents of DTLA.)

Nothing is reused on more than one client without being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.



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Exclusively by appointment.




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