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Add Gloss

A cellophane gloss treatment (also called glaze) can be a great addition to many services. I've recently made it available as a discounted add-on service and thought I should take a moment to explain what it can do.

Cellophane gloss is available in a small variety of transparent, temporary shades which enhance your existing color, as well as a colorless option that may be used to add shine and conditioning to absolutely any hair color or type. It is applied to damp hair, set with heat and then rinsed and will last up to 2 months (depending on how often you shampoo your hair).

What is it good for? Many things!

For hair which has been highlighted it can (if a colored gloss is applied) add an additional layer of toning (and shine!) as well as helping to seal in and preserve the standard toner applied at the end of a highlight service. This is especially good for hair from which toner seems to fade quickly, leaving it brassy. For this reason it's also a great option for those who come in to refresh their toner between highlight appointments. It's also a great option for those who would like to temporarily darken highlights for whatever reason -wanting to go darker for a season, indecision as to whether you're going to continue highlighting or opt to cover them permanently- all of these are good times to consider a temporary cellophane.

For those who come in for single process color services cellophane adds shine and leaves hair silky, also protecting color from fading due to frequent washing. At the time of a root touch up for single process color, a tinted cellophane can be used to restore vibrance and saturation to the overall color without a full color application.

For those who wear their natural color and are shy of permanent change or damage (especially those with fine, delicate hair) cellophane is a great way to experiment with subtle temporary enhancement to their color, or simply add shine and softness.

What cellophane gloss cannot do:

Cellophane gloss will not substantially cover gray hair but it may help to subtly blend it. Gray hair is very stubborn at receiving temporary (and often permanent) color, some accepts it more readily than others. This is a great option to try if you have some gray that you don't love seeing but don't really feel like going the route of full color coverage (and upkeep).

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