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New Pricing! How To Select Your Haircut

Dear clients -loyal and new alike,

As a move to create a fresh start for the new year I've changed my pricing model for haircuts. I've never liked the traditional "men's cut" vs. "women's cut" price model. I know that it's meant to accomodate tradition: men traditionally wearing their hair short, needing frequent maintainance, etc. vs. women traditionally wearing their hair long, requiring more time and work to style. Tradition, while creating standards which are predicatable and easy to understand, can often become restrictive and unfair. I've decided to leave this tradition behind and have created a new unisex pricing system for haircuts similar to the pricing system of color services which are determined mainly by length and density of the clients hair.

Here are some details which should help you understand which service to select.

The first thing you should know is that wash, blow-dry and basic styling will always be included with every cut, this has not changed and there's no need to request these services separately. (If you would like additional styling services at the time of your cut please mention this when setting your appointment or include a note when booking online. Additional styling services include curling and straightening beyond what can be achieved with a blow out.) In order to select the service that is right for you, think of the length that you wish to leave the salon with (rather than the length with which you will be arriving) and match it to the service using these simple guidelines:

A "short-short" cut is a traditional men's haircut or anything that qualifies as a women's pixie cut.

A "medium-length" cut includes lengths from chin to just below shoulder length. Medium length ends right around the shoulder blades. (The majority of styles "traditionally" worn by women fall into this category.)

A "longer-length" cut is a cut that ends anywhere from the bottom of the shoulder blades or beyond.

Please also take into consideration that the difference in price doesn't mean that each type of cut doesn't take the same amount of skill, it simply reflects the approximate time, effort and product required to complete the entire service including such tasks as combing out wet, tangled hair and drying and styling the various lengths. And yes, those who wear their hair the shortest get a bit of a price break as well because their choice requires more frequent visits in order to keep it looking great.

I hope that you find these options straightforward and simple to understand and I look forward to seeing you in 2016!

Happy New Year!


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