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My Favorites

Clients are always asking what they should be using on their hair so I thought I'd post my current favorites. These, in fact, are exactly what I'm using on my hair right now.

The first is Clenditioner from Keracolor. It's a sulfate free conditioning cleanser, the type that has the consistency of a light hand lotion and doesn't lather at all. I know that some people find this less satisfying than a sudsy shampoo but I promise you'll get over it when you feel your silky soft hair. It neutralizes chlorine and trace minerals present in tap water (which many people notice changing their hair for the worse when they arrive in Los Angeles, I also recommend a filtered shower head) and stops oxidation in color treated hair. I've tried a few sulfate free conditioning shampoos and this is by far my favorite. The others I've tried often left my hair feeling a bit weighed down and vaguely goopy like I couldn't fully rinse it. This is light and rinses clean without stripping your hair. Perfectly acceptable for even the finest locks, it will leave your hair smooth and tangle free.

If you're like me and you still prefer a nice rich conditioner after every shampoo (or even just once a week) my next favorite is It's A 10 Deep Conditioner Plus Keratin. This conditioner is excellent, as are all the It's A 10 products. "Featuring keratin as the key active ingredient this 5-10 minute mask is a powerful restructuring treatment that will smooth hair cuticles and layer it with a strong protective coating that resists heat, humidity, split ends and sun damage. Even the most damaged hair is left smooth, strengthened, detangled, shiny and full of life." Coincidentally, It's A 10 uses my absolute favorite ingredient in their products (which I think is part of why I now feel such loyalty to them).

And that favorite ingredient is: camellia oil! Camellia oil is the only oil I've found which truly sinks in and moisturizes without leaving a greasy film or needing other ingredients to allow it to do it's work. I first used it on my hands which have always been terribly d

ry and even more so since I becamse a stylist with all the shampooing and hair color and all, I swear they haven't looked or felt so good since I can remember. Camellia oil is like a miracle on dry cracked skin. Its a natural anti-inflamatory and it's incredibly soothing and healing, additionally it even has a natural SPF of about 5 (ok, so it's not going to replace your sunblock but think of it as an additional layer of protection). I use it on my hair when it's wet after being washed and again after it's dry to keep it soft and tame any fuzzies, I often use it every day between washes without it ever becoming heavy or greasy. I also use it as a body oil and sometimes a make-up remover, as well. It's a great treat for dry or dehydrated skin and you can see a noticeable difference in a short time (again, my hands look amazing). As it's only just begun to gain popularity I've literally only seen pure camellia oil in retail stores twice and only very recently so I've begun to carry it myself. It's my first and only HAIRHAUS product! Camellia oil is also completely fragrance free (and sweet tasting, I've put it on my lips a few times) which is nice if you don't like your hair products competing with your fragrance.

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