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Want a Change But Can't Decide...?

Sometimes we want to change our hair but we aren't really sure what kind of change we want or we aren't sure how to communicate that change to our stylist. The following are some tips for getting what you want at the salon even when we're not sure what it is yet.

1: Talk about yourself. Tell your stylist about things you enjoy and your lifestyle. If you're a very active person who doesn't want to spend a lot of time styling your hair you might want to opt for something shorter that will look great without spending a lot of time on it or you might want to specify that it has to be left long enough to be put up easily. If your personal style is really creative and unique and you want your hair to reflect that, make sure to communicate that. Which leads to number 2...

2: Look like your best self. Yes, it's easy to run off to your hair appointment in your pajama's, workout clothes, what have you but if you want your stylist to really pick up on the look you're aiming for, you should make sure to show up representing your best and favorite self.

3: Talk about yourself some more! Really, your interests and choice of activities says a lot about who you are and how you want to present yourself to the world. All of this is a great indicator of how daring or subtle your style should be to truly represent you.

4: Pictures. Stylists love nothing more than pictures of hair styles and colors you like. Even if you're not sure the pictures you have will work for you, it's a great starting place and often you'll be surprised at what can be created especially for you based on a photo or two. For more insight as to which services will be required to achieve the look you're interested in, take a look at the image gallery on this site. Each photo can be clicked to enlarge and many have a description including which services were involved in creating the look.

5: Trust. This is important whether it's your first appointment with a new stylist or your first big change with a stylist you've been seeing for years. Whatever it is, you've got to trust that your stylist has your best interest at heart and wants nothing more than to make you look and feel amazing.

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