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Truly the Best of the Best Sunblocks

Every so often I meet a woman with skin so beautiful it qualifies as a marvel of nature. It's fresh, radiant and even toned. It's kind of a marvel of nature. I've learned by asking that the big secret is a lifelong devotion to sunblock and I'm always a little saddened that I can't go back in time to when I was young and careless, and often sunburned, to right those wrongs.

Last year I did some reserach. I've used a variety of sunblocks over the years and some have failed me enormously (I won't name names). I wanted to be sure that from now on whatever I purchased was going to be effective and not just another nearly full bottle that ended up in the trash. Luckily, I came across a study by the Environmental Working Group in which they provide ratings for over 700 sunblocks for both effectiveness and how safe they are to use. Their list includes both beach/sport sunblocks as well as moisturizers with SPF so you can find whatever type of product is best for you and be sure you're getting the most benefit.

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