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The Benefits of Thinning Out Your Huge Mane

Thick hair can look bulky and solid and be difficult to style. My clients are sometimes fearful of what their hair will look like thinned out or may have had their hair overly thinned in the past and are afraid to give it another try. Properly thinned hair will have as much or as little remaining volume as the client prefers and will create much better texture as it now has a little space to separate and move. It will also generally dry faster and style with less effort.

When Zara visited me for her first haircut we talked about removing some bulk from her hair but she was apprehensive because she'd had a bad thin out in the past that had left her hair looking stringy at the bottom. After a great experience with her first cut at HAIRHAUS she came back for a trim and allowed me to thin out her crazy thick mane. Her hair now separates and moves just enough and is still thick and voluminous, just the way she likes it.

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